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Who we help

The foundation helps talented athletes to reach their potential by providing single or multi year grants. Grant funds are allocated against items outlined by athletes in their submissions. Monies granted must be used to help an athlete with achieving their stated goals. Examples include travel and accommodation for training and meets, purchase of equipment and athletic attire, and medical expenses.  

Athletes must have proven ability at junior and/or senior level to be considered. Athletes will be judged against World, European and Irish standards and their results must indicate the potential to compete at international level with distinction.

Criteria for consideration

Candidates must:

  1. Be a member of  Athletics Ireland (AAI) or Athletics NI and/ or an Irish citizen.
  2. Abide by rules and regulations of WADA.
  3. Be over 16 years of age and under 40 years of age.
  4. Be within best National times (as agreed by panel) (see standard times).
  5. Have competed at finals stage of national championships.
  6. Declare other incomes.
  7. Agree to appear in promotion of the Jerry Kiernan foundation (website and brochures and to appear at events).
  8. Provide a letter of recommendation from two respected athletes or sportspeople (e.g. a coach, head of an athletics club, past international)

***Athletes that don’t meet the eligibility criteria may be accepted in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the directors and the selection panel.

How to apply

  1. Complete the application form through the website (including agreeing to the terms and conditions). Applications are only accepted in January and February. 

Assessment of applications

  • A selection panel will  be appointed yearly  by the directors and executives of the foundation. Existing members may be renewed year on year. 
  • The panel shall consist of recognised experts in Athletics.
  • Once appointed the panel will act independently of the directors and executives of the Jerry Kiernan Foundation.
  • Once applications are vetted to ensure they meet the creiteria, the panel work through a shortlist of eligible candidates.
  • The panel shall consider the athletes potential and need against the eligibility criteria and score each candidate accordingly.  Not all athletes who meet criteria will necessarily receive funding due to budget limitations.
  • All decisions are made at the sole and final discretion of the selection panel.

What happens if you are successful

  1. You will receive a legally binding agreement which you will be asked to read with your family and coach or mentor.
  2. The agreement must be signed by the athlete and coach or club rep who agrees to liaise with the JKF to ensure that funds are administered in accordance with the submitted programme, or returned.
  3. The grant must be used in accordance with the targets detailed by the applicant in the application form.
  4. The athlete's progress will be monitored with a quarterly review and release of additional tranches of funding will follow.
  5. All decisions are made at the sole discretion of the selection panel. 6. Role of the Selection Panel 6.1


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